12 months of carefree driving!

Warranty at VP Cars.

When you buy a car from VP Cars, you are assured of quality and reliability. In addition, you get the security of standard 12 months BOVAG Warranty on an occasion from VP Cars. So you are assured of a reliable occasion and guaranteed driving pleasure.

VP Cars occasions with 12 months warranty.

Discover below our current stock with 12 months BOVAG Warranty. Which car are you going for?


Warranty benefits at vp cars.

A VP Cars occasion with BOVAG Warranty benefits from many advantages. We have listed the biggest benefits for you:

  • Standard 12-month warranty or 100,000 kilometers.
  • Warranty on repair and maintenance.
  • Exchange guarantee within two weeks and up to 750 kilometers.
  • Warranty on overhauling parts.
  • Always help with complaints.

12-month warranty.

Every occasion that carries the BOVAG Warranty label guarantees you the very best quality. This is because of the high standards set by BOVAG before the warranty label is awarded. That’s why we provide a very comprehensive warranty on every VP Cars occasion: 12 months warranty.

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